Wednesday, that is. I’m sitting here, feeling very satisfied that I remembered my wife and stepmother for St. Valentine’s Day.

I put actual thought into the purchases and the cards I selected.

In the world of swimming, I swam. 2500 meters, giving 13,000 meters for the period 9 -14 February. I set an ambitious goal of swimming 100 miles by Easter, I may have it done by April 1. Just recovering from sedentary living was a real epiphany. Inactivity is so dangerous for seniors. Truth is, the only times I think of myself as a senior citizen are when the Social Security benefit gets in my bank account and I receive a benefit statement from Medicare.

There are clean, actually new, sheets on the bed. I put a pork shoulder, (half of one) in the slow cooker, with some barbecue sauce, I made a packaged side dish, Zatarain’s Black Beans and Rice. Surprisingly good for a boxed something. That and some cole slaw. Dinner under $12.

I feel like I am about to spin off into one of my Pleasure Of Domestic Arts Rants. I will just leave it at “Doing the housework is satisfying.” Let that suffice for now.

I have an idea for a story. Somewhat kinky, but I just want to use kink metaphorically in exploring loyalty, service, and passionate intensity.

Stay tuned.

Later. Loves 💘