Sort of. I did not go swimming. Six out of seven days, five days in a row are good numbers. So I’m stayin’ dry today. But I did decide more tidying up was indicated. My dining table is now empty of all newspapers, direct mail, and paper bags. The chairs do not have tote bags, packs, or recyclable plastic bags hanging on their backs. The counters are clean. The sinks are clean and polished with stainless steel polish.

St Valentine’s Day was well-received by my two special ladies, my wife and step mom. I gave them both a vase with tulip bulbs which should bloom in a couple of weeks. Plus cards. And my wife got a cornball old-fashioned Valentine heart-shaped box of chocolates, because she is as sentimental as I am.

St Valentine’s Day is about love, in all its ways of being expressed.

People matter.