I can’t help but think that if duelling were still legal in this country, both Houses of Congress, would face serious challenges finding a quorum to commence deliberations. Lies and insults appear to rule the day, the more “esteemed” the Congress Member, the more scurrilous the lie.

The bald-faced lies about Judge Brett Kavanaugh, foisted by the octogenarian Anti-Catholic bigot Diane Feinstein, sicken me. They have strengthened my resolve to NEVER vote for a Democrat again.

I was already soured on the party I regularly supported by the antics of James Comey, and the rest of the Department of Justice personnel who sought to overturn a lawful election through the promotion of the spurious Steele Dossier and subsequent deception of the FISA courts.They lied to violate the Civil Rights of an innocent American, Carter Page. That is just for starters.

If I lose followers, I don’t care. I changed the name of the blog to Dispatches From Dystopia, because the Leftists (Marxists) who run the mainstream media and academia, have rendered America into precisely that state, a dystopia. They have nearly taken control of the Democratic Party, I suspect.

Sen Timothy Kaine, I earnestly desire your complete political demise. I will support Corey Stewart because he isn’t you.