It has been a period of sorting out my thoughts and feelings around Florida and The Villages. The Villages, like much of Florida is an Old Geezer Monoculture. When Mrs CorC? and I shared a chicken nuggets meal at the local Chick-Fil-A tonight, we noticed more small children there than we did in the entire past week in The Villages. That I don’t like. The Villages is like living on a movie studio back lot. They built 3 little “village squares” with three different themes, The West, a sea port, and a “Spanish” town square. They are very nice, but very fake. The senior citizens pride themselves on being active adults. The concept is that active seniors live longer with a better quality of life. I can’t argue with that premise.

The Villages are neat, clean, and well-maintained. The grass is mowed. There is no trash. I immediately noticed the roadside litter as we drove home from the airport in Richmond. When I consider that my brother-in-law and his wife moved from the traffic-swollen DC suburbs of Northern Virginia, I can’t blame them at all. There is no debate on the question.

It doesn’t appear to be an outrageously expensive community. That is a plus.

Riding from The Villages to the Orlando airport on the shuttle bus, we saw billboard after billboard from a plaintiff’s attorney proclaiming “Dan Got Us $600,000!”(or more). Kinda creepy.

My favorite billboard promoted a tourist destination called

Machine Gun America

Fun For The Whole Family

Fire Real Machine Guns!

I can imagine the family firing their rental Tommy Guns

“Junior, help Granny with her Uzi!”

“Watch that barrel climb, Sis!”

Just how badly do I want to live there?