“Pray The Rosary every day”, admonishes a Catholic traditionalist activist. “No excuses.”

He is, of course, right. The Rosary affirms that Our Lady listens to us, prays with us, intercedes for us. By extension The Rosary affirms that Jesus Christ, Second Person of The Most Holy Trinity, hears our prayers and the intercessions of His Blessed Mother. Catholicism (Christianity) is about supernatural faith. God is alive. He hears us. The practice of our Faith is not a dry frivolous exercise of rituals and entreaties into a silent void. If anyone tells you otherwise, run, do not walk, away.

Evil is at work. Pope Leo XIII told us explicitly after a vision he had of Satan telling Our Blessed Lord that he could destroy His Church in a hundred years. The corruption of the Church is evidence of Satan working overtime.

If you are Catholic, pray The Rosary. If you have never prayed The Rosary, start now.