Sitting, Shaming, Swimming.

At the Weight Watchers weigh in, I did weigh in at 203 lbs. This is a big personal victory.  My next weight loss goal is to weigh in under 200 lbs. But enough about weight, the real fun lies in doing the things that get me to my goal, eating well but sensibly, exercising, meaning swimming and not worrying.

Eating well today featured a bowl of pho, that great Vietnamese dish. I figured the Weight Watchers Smart Points©. I guesstimate about 11 and that didn’t sound bad. It was tasty,

I was all set to sit a bit today, but by the time my stepmother and I got to the Y, I was up for a swim. I cranked out 2500 meters. 

“Shaming” came into my mind as I considered sitting around while D my stepmother did her exercises. I think “shaming” is more a Millenial concept, but I can’t think of a better term for my sitting around while my 91 Year Old stepmother worked out. So I swam. And fully enjoyed every minute.

My swim over, I decided going to daily Mass at 5:30 would be next. Mass was most restorative for me. 

So here I am finally sitting, savoring the moment.