Pool, Play, Proud

So I could only lie there for so long before I got bored. I said to myself, “Just go swim. It’s all play for you,anyway.”

I went to the Y, got a lane in an all but empty pool and went about the swim.  But first, I weighed myself just as I do every day. I weighed in at 203. H-U-G-E Deal. I’ve been consistent in this weight range 203-205 for the last few days.

The swim distance was a toss-up. I just started and I settled at 2500 meters.  The post-workout weigh in at 200.8 lbs was consistent with the normal fluid loss I usually have of around 1.5-2lbs.

Proud. I’ve been doing Weight Watchers with a focused intensity.  I want the benefit to my musculoskeletal system that losing extra weight brings. I hope to get off hypertension and cholesterol lowering medications. I’m getting results. When I walked along the pool deck to my lane, I did not feel fat.

Yes. Yes. Yes!