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I’m good for only so much despair, before the fun opportunities present themselves and prevail.

The return from the brink began yesterday. I looked in the fridge and said to my self, “Self, we’re fixing dinner!” I got out all the stuff I was planning on using, the onion, garlic, tomato, mushrooms, tuna steak, and left over linguine. I started saute’-ing like a mad man. First the onion and garlic,  a carrot, a tomato, tbyme, basil, and any other herb that struck my fancy. I cut the tuna steak in chunks, added that. After a while the mushrooms entered the skillet, then the cooked linguini. After some simmering, I added a jar of marinated and quartered artichoke hearts, marinade and all. 

Meanwhile, the crab cake, I purchased for Mrs CorC? went in the oven. She loves crab. Alas, I am allergic to it. Her treat. I enjoy watching her eat it.  Finally, the asparagus I purchased were prepped and steamed. She came home to dinner ready to eat. For dessert there was a slice of chocolate babka with mint chocolate chip ice cream for her, a dish of butter pecan ice cream for me.

It gets better. Today I got a swim in. Aware as I am of a tender shoulder, I did a mere 1700 meters. After the swim, a shower with sandalwood soap and a shave. The sandalwood soap takes away the mundane dimension of the YMCA’s burgeoning population of middle-aged fat guys and senior citizen semi-cripples (myself included).  

Funny how very little, simple things can rejuvenate my sense of vitality.