This is one of those Virginia tricks, when the leaves have almost turned,  but it is down right hot outside. 

Again?  Yes. And the sweat collects in our hair and when I kiss the back of your neck, I taste the salt and smell the sweat and I wonder why we still have our clothes on.

Here?  Here.  And my hands slide up your skirt to pull your panties down. And place them on the rail, a simple rag to the untrained eye.  I feel your naked buttocks, then stroking your cunny with my middle finger til the little dew drops betray your lust. 

I rub against you, but frottage is not my game as the dusk gives enough concealment to unbutton my jeans, then slide my hard wetness in. I pull your hips to me and  thrust, while you frig your clit and grind back harder.

And after I come, I pull out while you grip the rail, your legs too weak, just yet, to walk, as the semen drips out on the deck.