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I read where this is National Coming Out Day. I’m an LGBT-friendly heterosexual male, who also happens to be, more or less, conservative politically. I moved beyond being conflicted by the Trump candidacy weeks ago to down right repulsed and ashamed. Good luck Hillary. Remember that people are going to vote for you who don’t like you or your politics one  iota but simply want the country led by an adult.

Back to the music and coming out. Lorenz Hart was a gay man, also an alcoholic. Being a drunk, I therefore meet a goodly number of lesbians and gays in the rooms of recovery. Bottom line, they are damn good people. 

Rogers & Hart.  These are wonderful songs. I listen to them and I want to slow dance, cheek to cheek (that’s an Irving Berlin song reference) with my wife, the woman who loves me and whom I love.  Alas she doesn’t dance. Nor do I. These songs are just too romantic to go to waste. If no dancing, just maybe some necking on the couch before we adjourn to bed. Is that asking too much?