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  • Sometimes I wish the first time I wake up in the morning would take hold. That I would and could stay awake for sixteen or eighteen hours straight, as if I were 22 or 45 or even 60 again. But no matter, since I’m not and will never be again.
  • Sloth and Acedia refer to a particular type of laziness, a spiritual torpor; disinterested, apathetic about developing a closer relationship with God in all Persons of  The Most Holy Trinity. Every Catholic experiences this at some point. It is part of our humanity, just as our libido is.
  • Then Laziness asks for the floor. Sometimes I’ve just done too much. And some kind of reward, money, a good laugh, a nice dinner,  weight loss, a faster time in the pool, or passionate love-making doesn’t appear. I’m disappointed and disaffected. I ask why I even bothered to make the effort, to even care.
  • Then the Lethargy sets in. I’m there now. I just want a little magic. A good nap with an attitude transfusion would fit the bill. I received from Amazon, via UPS, a CD of Glenn Could performing Bach’s Goldberg Variations, BWV988.  This will more than do for magic.