This morning #1Son’s mother texted, informing me that he had suffered a seizure. He was visiting his sister with his mother when the seizure occurred. The ER doctors attributed the seizure to alcohol withdrawal. I’m not surprised. Today has been filled with the details of his detoxification protocol, what drugs to be administered, how long a hospital stay, what course of action to implement when he gets home. Familiar steps in this ballet of protocols and strategies, all the while ignoring that a life is at stake.

Yes. It’s a nightmare. Some people get what’s at risk and rebuild a life worth living. For others, the consequences of addiction overwhelm them. Let’s just say that the smart money doesn’t bet on recovery.

This is one of those days where the triviality of statues, gender politics, or The Stanley Cup Playoffs are seen as the specs on the windshield of life that they are.

The war has started again.