NSFW! Adult content, to get you thinking. Go away persons under 18! You’ve been warned

I’m hungry. Not for food.

But I want to taste and nibble, even chew.

You guessed it right. You surely did.

I want to taste all of you, naked.

I’ll start at your toes, chewing on those pinky toes, running my tongue up and down the sole of your foot.

Maybe you’ll giggle, feel funny that, a tongue, right there, gets you thinking of other places.

And I’m in no hurry, even though you tell me to hurry. as I taste your calves, behind your knees, and you wriggle just a little.

You know where I’m going, but when?

My tongue gets closer, teeth bite your inner thighs, licking a little closer, smelling your cunt. Turning you over, I spread your ass cheeks, eat your ass,

“This is my show, now”. Poke my tongue around your rim then put a pinky inside for you to clench.

But cunt calls me back, slick fingers inside, Broad strokes around your clit, teasing, teasing, closer, closer. Then I find your clit, sucking in your hood pushing it back with two slick fingers.

Now I want your cries, curses, an “Oh Jesus Christ”, for our profane compline.

Shameless, fearless, breathless fucking.

The kind you never knew about until….