NSFW. Sort of naughty, but I’ve read naughtier things in the blogosphere

I pretended to be asleep, but with one eye, barely opened a slit, watched her leave the bed, pad to the bathroom, sit on the toilet and piss. A swipe of tissue across her twat, then off to the shower.She adjusted the shower controls and the water cascaded over her. Her back was to me. As I gazed at her arse, all plump and round and pretty pink, my cock swelled, affirming my appreciation, no, lust.

Turning around, I had a full view of her tits, focusing on her aureoles and nipples. I was eager to end the feigned sleep of my masquerade, but watching her was an intimacy unto itself. She would return to the bedroom soon enough,wiggle into her jeans and put on a blue Tee-shirt with Minnie Mouse on the front. She didn’t bother with knickers or a bra. That was fine with me, but peeling those jeans off would be a labour unto itself. I will savour that arse in all its denim glory.

When I throw over the sheet and comforter, she saw my erection, smiled quickly

“Morning wood, I see.”

“What can I say? He’s a connoisseur,”