On the way to getting my cataracts removed, the ophthalmologist discovered I have glaucoma. So I’m now using a beta-blocker eye drop, called timolol. Yesterday was my first day with this drug. All I wanted to do was sleep and I didn’t care whether I went blind or not. Hopefully, it gets better.

I had no interest in completing what few cleaning tasks I bother to do, as a pistachio hull stared defiantly at me from the carpet.

I suppose I’m actually healthy. Despair is a sign of metanoia. Knowing the world is mad isn’t supposed to make you happy. And here we are, with the killing business expanding into Sudan. Has CNN and The New York Times decided, or been told, who The Good Guys and The Bad Guys are in this dust up? Who is catering which side with the requisite armaments?

Does G-D own stock in Raytheon or Lockheed-Martin?