You know the ones. We awaken too early. Alertness fades. YouTube provided attractions that morph into distraction. Right now, I’m watching home movies filmed in Peru, ca. 1940, by a German amateur cinematographer. Always interesting to see the past. Interesting, but why am I not sleeping?

This morning, I decided to resume tracking my points on Weight Watchers, now known as WW. I’m feeling better after my COVID-19 episode. Exercise will resume soon, maybe today.

The only way to attack my paranoia is to focus on positive things, doing things that are worthwhile. I’m turning the second bedroom into a space for me, by clearing out the pile of books, perhaps consolidating books placed around the house in this room and then reading them. I might even take notes. Book Reports, perhaps?

This is about tackling my loneliness and my sexual frustration. If I can just clear a couple of spaces in this house, maybe J will get with the program,too.

OK, I’m really tired now.

Thanks for stopping by.