This is my first acknowledgment of the New Year, 2023. I’m at the stage of life where the years are a blur. I’ll be more aware of the new year when longer hours of daylight give us more time to get things done.

As New Years go this was a good one. Unlike Christmas, the stores are open. The weather has been Spring-like. No jacket, or even socks, were required these past two days.

The real story, for me, has been about recovery from COVID-19. I had the virus in mid-December, followed by a sinus infection. Talking with Becca, my neighbour, I learned that the overwhelming fatigue I feel will probably last til about St. Valentine’s Day. Oh well.

Other bloggers are walking along beaches, having spicy sexual escapades, or frolicking with new pets, while I watch videos, or do a little work until I tire again.

Things could be worse. My dreams of throwing out trash, then recycling the recyclables, and finally donating my redundant useful things to charities will have to wait. But they will be done. My landscaping pipe dreams can come true in Springtime.

Time to take the antibiotic prescribed for my sinus infection. The dirty dishes can stay in the sink until morning.