Back in my mind, I remember stories of corruption within dynastic states, wherein various court factions would conspire to place a weak, ineffectual, or corrupt figure on the throne whose one positive “attribute” was their malleability. This autocrat would be controlled by the parties who put him/her in power.

We are finally discovering the mechanics of a rigged election: a flood of absentee voting prompted by a pandemic, ballot harvesting, ballot counts closed to poll watchers, etc. The end result transformed an accepted electoral process into the means to effect a coup d’etat.

Sounds creepy, for sure. We now have a demented, arguably corrupt, old man, Joseph R. Biden, Jr. ruling the most powerful nation on the planet by Executive Order, aka, decree.

To make matters worse, the Biden Administration is staffed by incompetent individuals who move between either government service, government contractors, academia, lobbying firms, or the enigmatically designated “think tanks”. For example National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, has never worked in the “real world”, i.e. the one we live in where we exchange labour for money to live on. He bounces from government job, to political campaign gig, to work at a think tank, the Brookings Institution , back to government executive job. Not once did it occur to anyone considering Sullivan for a job in the security sector, that service in the military, as an infantryman for example, might be vitally important. Sullivan is therefore eminently unqualified to send a soldier into battle, completely oblivious to either dangers or consequences .

To make things even creepier, big investment funds are buying houses, deemed affordable to first time home buyers, for use as rental properties. This dovetails nicely with the public relations canard that millennials don’t want to own their own home and are happy renting . “You will be happy renting, because you have no choice.”

Oh, wait, have you heard Bill Gates is going around buying farm land, lots and lots of farm land? He’s not starting vineyards, herb farms, or thoroughbred racing stables either. If this were Russia or Ukraine, Gates and his cohorts would be called oligarchs. The CIA would be thinking of ways to kill them.

We’ve now morphed the idea of freedom into the right to pursue delusional ideas to disastrous conclusions. This is transgenderism at its core. Call me a transphobe, but that’s the plain and simple truth. Sorry. The last century saw the pseudoscience of Social Darwinism give us the Shoah, the near extermination of European Jewry. What will this pseudoscience give us?

Placing the idea of transgenderism on the fringe where it, rightly, belongs, the narcissism of our culture, has rendered our nation into a nearly ungovernable mess. A person can now talk about their “truth”. Maybe that person is mistaking truth, for the conditions encountered or perceived in their day to day life. By expanding or bastardising a definition, dialogue is rendered impossible. For example, we can attribute every dysfunctional situation to “racism”, whether racism is the cause or not. And in seeking to fix racism, we are not addressing the underlying issue. The limitations of design in a road system designed by Robert Moses, may simply be a manifestation of its obsolescence, not a nefarious plot. Fix the problem. Skip the sermon.

Very powerful people seek to change public opinion, preferences and tastes to suit the demands of their investment strategies and portfolios. If one is heavily invested in electric cars, an antipathy to fossil fuels is completely understandable. If China is the main source of lithium for electric car batteries, foreign and trade policies favouring China are absolutely necessary.

The Clinton Administration brought us the rise of the “spin doctor”, persons given the job of manipulating public perceptions. Put coarsely, their job is to convince you that it’s raining when the reality is that someone is spitting in your face. We’ve had thirty years of this. It doesn’t work.