OK. They’re not fun. They’re down right terrifying, as in we better pray and hope that somebody in the Department Of Agriculture knows where we are going to get the ammonium nitrate we need that we now buy from, wait for it..,, The Russians.

I don’t think the climate change geniuses know or care where we get it and what it’s used for. Or that natural gas is the source material used to make fertiliser synthetically.. So if we’re not producing enough natural gas, agricultural productivity goes down the drain. Those who are curious can look up the Häber-Bosch Process. Those who do know probably took organic chemistry.

We need fertiliser, as well as rain and Mr. Sun to grow large, no, gargantuan quantities of wheat, maize, soybeans, sorghum, etc. that keep our granaries full. And our livestock fed.

Don’t bet any of these grandstanding scoundrels in DC have the foggiest idea. They think in terms of Artificial Intelligence rather than artificial fertiliser, because the people who give them money 💰 make their money off Artificial Intelligence . See how it works? The pols can ask the tech giants to censor, de-platforming or changing the algorithms, and prevent dissenting opinions, or even the facts themselves, from coming to our attention. Ask Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) about controlling the facts on the Russo-Ukrainian War.

Sen Warner is a typical Swamp Rat. To call him that is a disservice to all the honest swamp rats in nature. He sits on the right committees, Intelligence, Foreign Relations and swallows whole whatever swill the Council on Foreign Relations wants him to believe or think. His constituents in Virginia, either government employees or employees of government contractors, provide enough votes to tilt the electoral scales his way. War in Ukraine, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Burkina Faso, etc. is good business.

The takeaway is that the politicians don’t care about American self-sufficiency because the arms contractors and the hedge fund managers don’t care. And the farmers, miners, construction workers, and machinery workers won’t be running into them when the politicians and lobbyists go on holiday in Aspen or Nantucket.

Next time people march on the Capitol, they should carry torches, scythes, and pitchforks as any good 1930’s monster movie would demand.