Chastity, not the fetishized condition written about by sexual deviants and their equally deviant controllers, but a state where one chooses to live without any form of sexual intimacy, is what I’m talking about?m.

How many sexual “experiences” can you have, in both numbers and variety? What do they mean? Most likely., nothing, after the fluids have been expended and the climaxes have been reached. The exception is an ovum being fertilized and a child conceived.

There is less a philosophy around sex than an ideology. The dogma of orgasm reigns. Sex becomes a mere autonomic pursuit.

But what if you looked upon your fellow human beings as persons who exist not as a sexual partner or potential sexual partner?

Chastity may exist as the touchstone to true intimacy. That would require that we reject the sexualized culture of our time.

I don’t know. Maybe I should be the last person to talk about this.