In the coming weeks, if the Russian / Ukrainian border tensions continue or escalate, we will read a story and watch video of a looming conflict between these two nations and some talking head, Chris Cuomo’s replacement, will tell us that Western Civilisation itself, is imperilled. Somebody wants America to be Ukraine’s tag team partner. Never mind Russia and Ukraine have a long history of rivalry both within the Russian Empire and the Soviet Era. The cultural links between the two nations are deep, most notably the Orthodox Church. The political roots of the Russian state are placed in the soil of the medieval kingdom of Kievan Rus.

The Madison Avenue propagandists will decry the plight of “plucky little Ukraine”, to sell yet another foreign entanglement, and Vladimir Putin will be the next tin pot Hitler for our consideration. And somehow Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr will be the next Churchill.

Absurd? You bet. Expensive? Without doubt. Bloody? Yes, if it comes to that. And Russia, facing American intervention in their homeland, will fight with a ferocity we have not seen since Iwo Jima and Okinawa. This has catastrophe written all over it. If you think your Congressional Representative actually cares, write them. Maybe enough people in both parties will see this for the disaster it is.