NSFW 18+.This is an erotic work of my imagination. For Olivia.

I’ve been wakeful, then sleeping since Five AM. J is still sleeping. She will awaken around an hour from now. Train #89, The Palmetto, just passed through Ashland on its way to Richmond, ultimately Savannah.

My lustful mind spins a fantasy of taking the train to Savannah., perhaps not this train, but the Silver Meteor, where I can book a bedroom. In Savannah, a woman will join me. I will use her on the train, taking her body whatever ways it may please me.. I am a man, after all.

We will ride the train to its terminus in Miami. We will stay in an Art Deco hotel on South Beach, and pretend it’s 1938 and I am William Powell, the woman is Myrna Loy. We are Nick and Nora Charles, solving a murder between various couplings. Asta will not bark as I thrust into “Nora’s” luscious cunt.

We board the train Northbound. When it arrives in Savannah, the woman hikes her skirt, removes her knickers, then before handing them to me, rubs her pussy with them, her scent marking them, gifting me with the ultimate souvenir.