I’m sitting on the porch on a sunny day, with a bit of a chill. It’s is a perfect day for Autumn, moving toward Thanksgiving and Winter. My neighbour just pulled up with her boy friend. Her son, almost 3, is not with her. Maybe he is at his father’s, maybe his grandparents’. Who knows? It’s not my place to ask.

I’ve been in a similar predicament, a single part-time parent, whose concept of parenting and family life was ripped away. An intact nuclear family was a notion that was belittled and maligned in the wake of the Sexual Revolution. I was a willing participant in that “revolution”. Only now, half a century later, can I see the personal, cultural, and social catastrophe that the Sexual Revolution was.

Madness is very alluring. Giddy mania, perpetual Mardi Gras, is the endless season of our time. No Ash Wednesday ends the revelry, no fast, no penance comes to insert reflection about our sins. There can be no sin, if we deny there is a God, just inappropriate behaviour.

Jesus used his miracles to cure the demon-possessed, even casting demons into a herd of swine, who then proceed to run off a cliff. We make movies about our demons. Computer generated special effects make them real celebrities. The Hallowe’en creepy season offers an annual showcase of depravity

Virtue? What’s that? Power? Now we’re talking. Who can I control? What can be destroyed in the name of justice?

Dysfunctional families make for ideal prisons. Managing a life of shared custody, child support, sparking a new romance or coping with loneliness offers distraction aplenty. And a talking head will happily present a lie for truth. And we’ll believe that head.