Today was Hearing Evaluation v.2.0. I showed up at the other place. The Hearing Guy was not wearing a cheesy white lab coat , appearing to look like a medical doctor to the naïve. I fill out paper work. He checks for wax and/or blockages in the ear canals with an otoscope. I’m clear. Then I sit in the isolation room while he runs a series of tones and words and sounds in one ear or the other.

He’s done. He shows me the graphs of what I hear at what range in the auditory spectrum. I guess my Mother was right about the volume on those Jimi Hendrix albums after all. She is now singing along with the Heavenly Chorus in its evergreen classic, “I told you so!

Moving on, he shows me an appliance. I like it. I buy it. Price? Let’s just say that the hearing aids cost less than a semester’s tuition at most universities, way less. Or a new motor vehicle.

He shows me how to put them in. It takes a while to get the knack. But I go out the door with hearing aids. And I hear what I have been missing.

I wait for the two year old who lives next door to get home. And I can hear him more clearly. I can hear birds singing. I haven’t checked to see if I can hear a cosmetic puff land on the green baize of a pool table, but I’ll bet I can.

Verdict? Worth it.

Do not put off a hearing evaluation if your husband, wife, spouse, child, or even your worst enemy suggests it. Just get the evaluation. If the evaluation says a hearing aid would be beneficial get a hearing aid 🦻

End of Discussion.