I was riding around with J this afternoon and I said to her, “I want my hair cut and beard trimmed now. I need a new beard trimmer and I’m calling the barber shop as soon as we get home.”

And we did just that. We bought a new trimmer. I scheduled a haircut just prior to the shop closing. Beard trimmers come in several varieties. I bought a Norelco/Phillips. Looks like it will last a while.

I got The Cut. I came home, started trimming the beard using scissors first, then the power trimmer. I then showered, washed my hair and beard. I shaved my neck, defined where the beard was growing, then trimmed it down to one or two steps above stubble.

I remember the Bible story of Samson. He was a Nazirite who did not shave his beard or cut his hair as acts of piety. The movie Samson & Delilah with Victor Mature and Hedy Lamarr was a great influence on my developing sexual tastes. I can remember having the hots for Hedy LaMarr before I fully understood what “having the hots” meant.

She still does it for me.