It’s been a good day, or couple of days, depending on how you count. I started listening to music, then took a shower, listened to more music. Doesn’t matter what I listened to. The I put my DVD of Viva Zapata into the DVD player. Brando was a great actor, as were Anthony Quinn and Joseph Wiseman. Yet the star of this film is the exquisite black and white cinematography.

I feel as if I could stay up all night and watch movies. So many films, too many to list.

I’m watching Zapata! and I suddenly want a sombrero. This is an Elia Kazan film, one of many great ones And I am going to buy tortillas when the grocery store opens,along with fresh cilantro, limes and avocados.

I am tired, however, I should go to bed. I shall pause the film.They are speaking English, John Steinbeck’s words.

One last thought:

Will the pain of Mexico ever end?