I’ve been looking at “live cams” on YouTube.I watched a couple of Florida beach views,from Fort Myers and Hollywood Beach. They were OK, I suppose,but not really what I wanted to see. So I returned to my perennial favorite, the Brooklyn Bridge live camera view of the Bridge, spanning the East River, looking into Manhattan. In the distance one can see both the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. Ships, boats, barges , and pleasure craft, both motorboats and sailboats, ply the River, passing under the Bridge in all of its granite majesty.The Brooklyn Bridge is the modern cathedral, devoted to function, its span an elongated altar to commerce.

I keep telling myself to go back to bed. I have an ache behind my eyebrows that I think are tears not shed , but more likely, it’s congestion from seasonal allergies.

I switched back to the Ashland rail cam to watch #67 stop on its way to Newport News. A big freight is headed North, the cars nearly all marked with graffiti, as if their function is to serve as the substrate for the artists’ garish colours and gargantuan cartoons.

Life goes on.The workers, wearing hard hats and blaze orange vests, are finishing the improvements to the Ashland Amtrak stop. One day, a “high speed” train will stop in Ashland, the Northeast Corridor has spread South of the Potomac, the Rappahannock by now.

Truth be told I can’t keep my eyes open. They are dry too .And I can’t write comfortably

Later, friends.