Well I got The Shot. I was given The Shot about 26 hours ago. Now I can’t stay awake.

The Shot kicked my butt but good. I’m sitting up now, watching Women’s Collegiate Softball. It’s my favorite college sport. There is such enthusiasm and the women are fiercely competitive. Most importantly, the players are having fun through it all.

We had a murder in our community. A middle school kid murdered another middle school kid. That’s all I can say, because I’m still trying to wrap my head around the sheer mindlessness and evil of it all.

We bought a Dyson vacuum Friday. We hear it can suck the chrome off an exhaust pipe. This is what we need around the old dust pile we call home. As soon as I find the energy, I will take The Sucking Beast out of the carton and give her a spin.

Yes. I’m stoked about a vacuum cleaner.

The Shot (#2) has a reputation for being a butt kicker., a reputation well-deserved. I’m done, for now.