I woke up around 4, maybe earlier, maybe I was never asleep. I take a shower now, so the water heater can heat more up for J. I am clean. I trim my fingernails, go downstairs, fix a black cherry Italian soda with Sugar-Free Torani Black Cherry Syrup.I add a slice of line to help with the aftertaste the sugar-free syrups all have.

It is now 5:15 AM. The shot is at 8:30. We leave the house at 7:30, hoping to get through the crowd with a bit more ease.

The noise I hear in my ears is tinnitus, I think. Kind of annoying, it is. It’s the least of my problems.

I’m watching the Ashland railroad tracks, with its road noise, from I-95 picked up by the microphone, even though the road is a couple of miles away .

I just want to get away from Richmond for a short time, hopefully soon to New York. Maybe a trip to Charleston or Savannah’s would be nice, or St Augustine. That’s an interesting place. Tourist-y but interesting but I’m a tourist, so why not?

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