Sofa and chair.Not up to the high standards of thrift shops. They want upholstered furniture so nice that only really rich people would give items that perfect away..

So having unsat furniture creates a problem if, for example, your sister is giving away her leather furniture and you’re kinda kinky about leather. So the green fabric stuff is just, like the boll weevil, “lookin’ for a home.”

To make this Charlie Foxtrot even more fox trotted-up,my marital partner Is a foxtrotting hoarder. She has boxes and bags and brown Manila folders holding client files from when she was a CPA, copies of emails of absolutely no importance from her days as a Church/Parochial School Finance Manager, empty bags from her time as a merchandiser,.

I could just scream.

I’m too old to run away and join a circus, I think.