Content Warning! This is sexually explicit writing. Adult things are discussed Consider yourself warned.

We fall in love with the unattainable. Our first loves don’t even know they’re “Loves”. Silly them. They thought they were only just people, unless they went to the movies a lot. Maybe they got hard or hot or wet when Liz Taylor changed her stockings in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. Maybe they wanted to feel that way again and didn’t know how to get there. Or with whom to get to that place.

I think about fucking my wife, in all her asexual Ice Queen Glory Maybe even lick her asshole and lube my cock real good and fuck her there. And maybe one buggering will be all that’s needed to exorcise the Demon of Prudery.

And she will call me “Daddy “ and stop wearing panties and masturbate when she’s bored instead of watching Andy Griffith Show reruns. She will say, “Daddy please watch me and take your cock out and stroke it.” It’s a pity the Queers and the Dykes are having all the fun.

But we all think we’re so bloody awful smart and have The World figured out. Then somebody invents the atom bomb or the oral contraceptive or even a goddamn Post-It note and we’re back to Square 1, hoping The World will survive this Latest New Thing.

“I’m innocent, I tell ya!”