The snow morphed into slush as freezing rain pelted us. There was ice and places like the Y closed.

“Stay Home!” commanded The Universe. And we did. The roads were passable, that is until downed trees blocked them. Staying home was a great idea today.

We stayed home, except to assess road conditions. I used the sojourn for a chance to buy strawberries and a Valentine Card for J.

I went up early, watched a a DVD of I Love Lucy episodes from the autumn of 1952 I watch, actually listen, to Lucy for the score and orchestration of the soundtrack. The music still holds my attention, after a lifetime of watching the show. The stories, even as well-acted as they are, are kind of lame.

There came a point where I awoke and could not fall back asleep. I went downstairs, prayed the Rosary with the webcast from Lourdes. I’ve come to like praying at the grotto, albeit virtually.

J won’t be going to the store until 10:00 AM. Nice. She doesn’t need to find out just how dangerous black ice is.

So that’s about all I have to say. I’m sleepy. Whatever was blocking my sleep has gone.