What better way is there to celebrate a cold, snowy, wintry day than to go for a swim? Indoors, of course.

I cleared the snow off the vehicle, noted that the Circle in my little circle community of townhouses was cleared, and off I drove to my local branch of the Young Men’s Christian Association for some swimming in their indoor pool.

It seems like the “lap” pool is a little warmer than in the past. Whatever the reason I’m not complaining. It has only been fifteen days since I returned to swimming. Day by day, my times are going down. I swam 1650 meters in 44 minutes/46 seconds today, four minutes faster than just a week ago.

In the pool, it’s summer or so it seems. The snowy day and the warm-ish pool is that lovely blend of both worlds. I can think about the warm seasons, even dream a little about doing summer “right”, with strolls along the beach, getting tanned, swimming in the warm surf. The summer of my dreams is like the Christmas of my dreams. We have one of each, Christmas and Summer, all planned out. These dreams are the Impossible Dreams of the Don Quixote we all have living inside of us. These are the paradigms we use to take the shine off the Right Nows spread before us. Learn to to get over your plans. They really don’t matter.

But, when all is said and done, I’m pretty damn grateful for what I do have, slush and all.