While we were busy committing virtual seppuku Wednesday, Kim Jong Un made a statement on the terrible failure of the most recent North Korean Five Year Plan, yet another failure that can be attributed to Marxist economic theory.

Still, the American Left continues to romance Marxism. It isn’t all Che Guevara tee shirts and clinched fist salutes. Most people like to eat, own the roof that shelters them, and possess more than two changes of underwear.

Lawyers like to work. We all know that. They can make a pretty good living interpreting, implementing, or litigating against the laws, rules, and directives of the administrative state. But, on the other hand, people who know how to manufacture and market things,tend to make economies and the nations they support, prosperous.

Prosperity is not a dirty word. Put another way, poverty sucks. Think about that.

Before COVID, people were working, making money. The number of illegal immigrants undercutting the wages of blue collar workers had plummeted. And then COVID hit the United States and the rest of the world. To America, COVID has been an attack deadlier and more danaging than Pearl Harbour.

Somebody is going to have to advocate for small business and the American worker. Wall Street spent the last thirty years financing the export of American jobs, robbing Americans of their jobs and dignity. And Wall Street bankrolled Biden, just as the financiers bankroll most of the Never Trump Republican Establishment, e.g. the Bush family and Mitt Romney. There is a wave of unjustified nostalgia for the status quo ante Trump.

It would be nice for American high tech workers to have jobs, jobs to pay off student debt, and get these workers on the road to owning houses, starting their own families and businesses. And cheap immigrant high tech labour is a priority for Silicone Valley, another source of Democratic support.

It is very difficult to savour a pyrrhic victory, yet another irony for your consideration, Democrats.