After today’s Dung Deluge in D.C. , I decided I needed a Christmas Do-Over. You remember Christmas, don’t you? It was two weeks ago. Even with the pandemic protocols, it seems more like ages ago.

Fortunately, our brothers and sisters in the Russian Orthodox Church still use the Julian Calendar and the Julian Calendar’s December 25 is the Gregorian Calendar’s January 7. So we get another crack at Giving Glory to God in The Highest, and Peace to Men (People) of Good Will.

Russia is a great place to live if one is a basso profundo. The basso registers feature prominently in the liturgical chants.

Metropolitan Hilarion is presiding at this liturgy. He’s is only 54, a spring chicken by Orthodox Bishop standards. He does not look like Santa Claus yet. And he still trims his beard. If you’ve ever wondered why a group of (Russian) Orthodox Bishops gathered in one room looks like a Santa Claus convention, it’s because St Nicholas ( the original Santa) was an Orthodox Bishop.

The choir, mostly soprano, sounds magnificent. I need a heavenly choir right now. They have the incense being passed over the altar. The choir has been singing nonstop for almost two hours.

Serenity returns.