Throughout the Nineteenth Century, China, in the waning days of the Manchu Dynasty, was systematically exploited, her sovereignty trampled on by the Western and. Industrialized Powers, Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan and the United States.

The U.S. thought in terms of trade and Christian evangelization. There were hundreds, perhaps thousands, of American missionaries who brought education, medicine and Christianity to China’s millions.

Well the Chinese can hold a grunge with the best of them . And all that Westernization, welcomed or not, hurt Chinese national pride. And we have payback, now. The Chinese have “invested ” for years. Wall Street made a lot of money selling our country out from under us

If the West could tamper with their sovereignty in the 1800’s, well the Chinese can mess with the sovereignty of Western nations here in 2020. When America is completely ravaged, our money worthless, our political institutions mere husks, our military in shambles, then perhaps when there is nothing left to steal, the Chinese will leave.

Maybe there will be a free and fair election in the U S of A again, but don’t bet on it. Whoever controls the election computers now control the outcomes. As long as the money holds out, we should be OK.