So I went to Confession yesterday. It had been almost four months. I’m not in the habit of doing sinful things,so it’s a rather boring session, were it not for sharing my catalog of impure thoughts.

My priest, my confessor, is a good priest. He understands the evil so rampant in our time and the challenge of striving for purity and virtue. I made my confession read my Act of Contrition, and did my penance. For 15 minutes, I was to sit before The Blessed Sacrament, present in The Tabernacle and contemplate the saying from St Faustiina.

“Jesus, I trust in you.”

The penance was what I needed. Trusting Jesus (God The Son) during this time is a challenge. We come to believe all problems are intractable. The world can work quite well without my good ideas (or yours too).

I brought my Russian Orthodox icons for him to consecrate. He did.This is the one for The Nativity.