How can it be that I want to sleep, need to sleep, and yet I fight its onset desperately?

I awoke around three AM., thinking I would fall back asleep. But, no. My mind shuffles through a familiar array of topics: sex, war, God, politics, food, love,

I put my clothes on, make coffee. J is at work. I miss her. I ponder the regime change in the US. Biden’s healthcare advisor, Ezekiel Emmanuel, is a throwback to medical “ethicists” from the Third Reich. Most worrisome. .

Rich people want whatever it is they want. They expect to get it, They can pay politicians to do their bidding . If they want to enslave the world, they will hire public relations advisors whose job will be to convince us of the advantages of slavery

Dark? Yes.

Joe Biden never said “pussy” on a hot mike in an unguarded moment. Therefore he must be a friend to all things that warm the Progressive’s heart.

Good Luck, Comrades.