I woke up. Almost three AM now. I had a Seinfeld DVD in the player. And I woke up. Just thinking.

Over-thinking, more likely.

A new season is about to begin. Winter. I like Winter, the cold, the warm clothes, the heartier foods, like soups and stews.

I got to thinking. Maybe when Spring comes, I shall have a container garden, with tomatoes.

Just a thought.

J is at work. She works nights during the Christmas shopping season. Coupled with how they re-stock the shelves due to the pandemic, she has plenty of night work. Of course, there is little room for us. Us. What does that mean when a couple is over 65? The nest has been empty almost fourteen years. And the dogs died six years ago.

I miss the dogs. I give treats to the neighbourhood dogs when their owners say it’s OK.

Why is everything so serious?

Even now, at Three AM, we are testing the Emergency Alert System. Testing out to see if we’re ready for the really serious. Apparently we are.

Meanwhile India and Australia are playing an ODI in cricket. Some like limited overs cricket. Some prefer test matches. A test match has that timeless quality. People with time on their hands can spend five days playing one match. So out of phase with the Twenty-first Century. But India and Australia are playing each other. And we get to see sport from a different perspective No basketball, ice hockey, American football. There are spectators in the stands.. Socially distanced, but there nonetheless. The Aussies have a formidable run chase, but the Indian bowlers aren’t giving them much to work with.

Today the recycle truck drives through the neighbourhood, picking up the recyclable detritus of our lives. That means I have to get the stuff to the curb when Dawn breaks.