So said a staff officer in the Reichswehr of Wilhelmine Germany in 1914. He was assessing the alliance with the Austro-Hungarian Empire with whom Germany marched to war after the catastrophe at Sarajevo. Some leaders could see the looming disaster relentlessly unfolding, as events became uncontrollable.

The American political scene changed, irreversibly, in 2016. It cannot be reset. The American people are now chafing under the impediments to their freedom. A Christmas lockdown will be ignored, pandemic be damned.

Right now, some of the finest trial lawyers in America are building a case of ballot-tampering and electoral fraud against the Democratic Party and its Presidential/Vice-Presidential Ticket. It is a complex and yet simple case with computer fraud, and good old-fashioned fraudulent illegal voting.

Faced with a loss attributable to electoral fraud in 1960, Richard Nixon folded. He let Kennedy get away with it. Donald Trump, love him or hate him, is NOT Richard Nixon. He is not conceding yet, because he has not officially, legally lost.

The cases will go through the courts. Trump could fail. And there, available to public and Congressional scrutiny is the abundant evidence gathered that is the substance of Trump’s case. That evidence will not disappear. It will be entered into court records. They will be the millstones around Biden’s and Harris’s necks. Biden and Harris will have problems governing if their legitimacy steadily erodes.

Assuming Biden takes the oath of office in January, he will be a President propped up by the Bad Guys of contemporary America, Wall Street moguls that strip Americans of their jobs and dignity, high tech plutocrats from Silicon Valley, a legacy broadcast and print media, increasingly discredited and ignored. Add in Marxist street gangs, like Antifa, a threat that Biden fails to censure.

Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. has rapidly diminishing mental capacity. Kamala Harris, his Vice President, was chosen for her superficial qualities, her sex and race. Fifty two years ago, Nixon chose Spiro Agnew for the superficial strategic reason of coming from Maryland, a Border State. Border State pedigree was considered important in the political calculus of 1968.

We know how things turned out. The festering mess of Watergate caused Nixon’s downfall. An unvetted Spiro Agnew resigned when his corruption surfaced. The Watergate cover-up was the crime at the core of Nixon’s reelection, kind of like the doctored algorithms, dead people voting, and illegal vote counts of 2020.

What will Congressional Democrats, particularly Senators, do when a weak, demented President attempts to govern? If Biden proves himself to be the marionette people think he is, the Democrats will abandon him.They will see Biden’s puppet masters are the universally disliked plutocrats, Big Tech, Wall Streeters, the modern day robber barons, those villains of pre-World War One America. These characters care not a whit for American sovereignty, or American workers. What prudent politician wishes to be shackled to those corpses?

Washington D. C. is a de facto court, in the mold of Versailles, or Constantinople. The courtiers, i.e. politicians, lobbyists, military officers, civil servants, engage in intramural intrigues that are repugnant to most Americans. Donald Trump was the yokel whom the courtiers had to answer to. And they hate him because he is not one of them.

What the Democrats don’t get is that Trump is a champion of a broader movement, that will endure after Trump leaves the scene, whether in 2021 or 2025 or 2029. The American People don’t want the globalist visions of Bill Gates, The Clintons, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, or most significantly, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of The People’s Republic of China.