It is 3:13 AM Eastern Time, North America. I am watching a Russian Orthodox Liturgy from somewhere in Russia. It must be a special day because the cathedral is well attended for a Thursday morning.

I have been busy the past couple of days, throwing trash out, putting boxes away,vacuuming dusty carpets, and cleaning in general. It is an oddly sad time, the clutter is like an old friend, as is the chaos, it exemplifies.

Back to the Russians, for a moment. These monks can sing!!! A Capella. There is no organ.

The Russians don’t seem particularly worried or guilty about being white. We Americans think that the garbage, literally garbage in some cases, we fret about are the concerns of the entire world. Truth be told, some very powerful people want to, like to, strive to, mess with your head. By that I mean, disturb your world view to make you and everybody else more receptive to their point of view. Uncharitably, we denounce such activity as ” brain washing”, or propagandizing, but if you, or a loved one is involved in this enterprise, then chances are, you prefer the term “Public Relations”.

I will not participate in the collective lie about “white privilege”. Sorry. I’m white and my life is pretty damn difficult. The scourge of substance abuse has affected me. I have known loss, betrayal, estrangement, the death of loved ones same as everyone else. If you cut me, I will bleed, just like Shylock

I’ve had enough..