Love doesn’t look like what we think it should look like or feel like?

We all run around with ideas in our heads about love, or,more accurately put, sex and relationships, that we get from movies, TV, romance novels and, especially, pornography, of what we think love is.

We come across a human being that we like and we aren’t afraid of them and they haven’t hurt us yet, so we pursue this relationship, really not much more than carrying on a verbal and nonverbal dialogue. If the person doesn’t blow us off, we continue the pursuit, the inquiry as to whether this person, might actually love us or fall in love with us.

But are we in love, do we want to fall in love, or are we merely pursuing validation that we are not the horrible person that we are afraid we are in our most private and destructive thoughts?

Maybe finding True Love is the Search For The Holy Grail. As a goal, it is unattainable, but we will not be deterred.

How would we know if we found True Love, by the intensity of the orgasm, names together on a deed, children? All of these are questionable indicators. Yet we press on. Perhaps the best we can do is take what the other has to offer.