I have not posted in a while. I have had some well-being drama, family drama, cultural drama, political drama.

The last two I will ignore for the time being. My thoughts and feelings, AKA opinions, don’t really matter, and are highly unoriginal. You know, the way your thoughts, feelings and opinions exist solely for your entertainment.

The well-being drama seems pretty scary, as I try to get my blood pressure, lipids and A1C back under control. Diabetes, stroke, heart disease are very sinister and cause for concern Wondering whether I will ever have sex again always takes a back seat to wondering whether I will live to see my next birthday. Know what I mean?

So it’s back to the rather diligent self care that I practiced before the COVID-19 precautions supplanted all other activities in 21st Century America.

I walked this afternoon. I kept it simple, just 2 miles. The idea was to finish and recover in a reasonable amount of time and be ready to walk tomorrow.

The blood sugar, actually my A1C is in the diabetic range. I’m taking metformin for right now.

Family Drama centers around my son, his wife, and how his mother messed his head up as well as mine, forty two years ago. I’m back to re-living that nightmare.

So I’ll leave it at that.