Almost evening. Today was about laziness and lethargy. I ate an absurd amount for dinner last night. The stuffed feeling endured well into the middle of the night. I awoke around 0130, overheated. I went downstairs to drink some seltzer and “digest” some more.

I watched WW Two documentaries. I appreciate the absence of moral ambiguity in the World War Two era. The Nazis were as low as humanity could go. And the Japanese were right there with them.

So after some “Napalm Nostalgia” I went back to bed, slept like a log. Next thing I knew it was noon. J wanted lunch or brunch or just food in general. We went to First Watch. I had a vegetable omelette. She had a half sandwich and salad. She wanted to shop. I wanted to sleep some more. So she took me home.

Now I am watching trains. J is napping . I am concocting a grandiose plan, in my head, for clearing junk out of the house. I just need to get up and do something. Here downstairs, while the trains pass through Ashland, Fort Madison, Galesburg, and La Plata. I can work.

But first, more watching, sitting, and day dreaming.