I did little things today. I took a shower. That’s a victory for personal hygiene and grooming . I made iced sweet tea for J, hibiscus (sorrel) 🌺 tea for me. I emptied the dishwasher.

I watched trains. #4, The Southwest Chief Eastbound to Chicago, was already running late when it had to stop for a barge to pass through the open swing bridge at Fort Madison, Iowa. But it finally crossed the Mississippi River.

The laundry I washed is in the dryer.

July means it is hot in Virginia. We are moving toward Autumn. Between the pandemic and politics, it is a crazy time. A lot of sport has been erased from national life. To watch cricketers playing matches in empty stadia, one can see that the fabric of popular culture is torn, perhaps irreparably.

Meanwhile, the debt picture is precarious for the national and global economies. The USA and the rest of the world must return to work as soon as possible.

In the great scheme of things, taking down Confederate statues doesn’t mean much. A woman was shot dead on her porch by a random shooter in Richmond earlier this week. The great moment of metanoia came. And went.

Same as it ever was“- Once In A Lifetime, David Byrne.