Actually it may have been my third. Who knows. I am coming out of a very deep hole, a hole I was unaware that I was even in.

I went up to nap beside J. She kept the news off, Praise Jesus, and had an Andy Griffith Show episode on instead. Then Jeopardy I think. I brought her a slice of reheated Mellow Mushroom Mighty Meaty Pizza, or The Vegan’s Nightmare, as I like to think of it. She had Antiques Road Show on by then. We have a running inside joke between us around the word provenance. And they used it twice while I delivered her slice. I don’t know why, but it evokes laughter between us.

There always seems to be somebody on the show with some crap that’s worth an absurd amount of money, like a late Victorian caster set, or the mourning locket (complete with lock of hair) of a Civil War widow.

But I came back down to eat my slices of pizza and watch YouTube channels. Right now the live camera on the Ashland railroad tracks has my attention.

Having walked away from the current cultural idiocy, I have noticed myself crafting my own newer idiocy.


That is my Guardian Angel speaking, I’m certain .

I’m going to watch these tracks on this exquisite night, complete with thunderstorms. A flash of lightning would be welcome about now. I hear thunder in my own neighbourhood. And saw that lightning flash I wished for. Then another.

Suddenly the sheer erotic potential of being alive has hit me like the proverbial 2 by 4 across the head. And I’m going to revel in it.