This is Day 2 on my increased Prozac©{Fluoxetene) dose. I am sleeping a lot and don’t know why, except I’m just exhausted from fighting the negativity I had felt for so long. I could sleep now. My appetite isn’t ravenous. I’m no longer fueling the negativity.

I slept all morning. It felt great. I woke up to fix J a slice of warm buttered cinnamon toast to take with her to work. Then back to bed, where I slept til noon. As I write I am more certain that this is emotional exhaustion.

We may never know the whole truth about the George Floyd killing, the origin of COVID-19 and how it spread, or the Jeffrey Epstein death, just for starters. We are experiencing an endless cycle of event and cover-up. I was trying to make sense of things and failing in the attempt.

Yesterday #1 son came over to assemble his Fathers Day gift of a gas grill. We talked as he worked and he told me he ignores the news, just as I attempt to do the same.

I remember a joke from The Firesign Theatre recording Don’t Crush That Dwarf. Hand Me The Pliers.

“Those are the headlines. Now here are the rumours behind the news.

I have felt like I’ve been trying to navigate this ocean of lies, using the bioluminescence of a lightning bug as my polar star.

Now that I’ve stopped I experience moments of clarity that are similar to those discovered when getting sober or leaving a dysfunctional marriage(relationship).

The relief that comes from letting go is awesome.