I keep thinking of Madame LaFarge and her knitting from A Tale Of Two Cities, making note of her enemies in the stitches, for when the day of vengeance would come.

Yeah. It’s paranoid as all get out, but apropos for our time. Right now each and every one of us who has a presence in the cyber world is being followed. The books we read are duly noted. Somebody at Amazon knows that I’m reading about organized crime, but I’m also interested in the Kennedy assassination. They know what kind of pornography I read and watch, what kind I write. That’s very useful information if ever I need to be coerced into silence.

Think your particular kinks are mainstream, you’re bullet proof? That it’s ok to be whoever you are in this day and age? Think again. They will find something.

Is this a new world? Maybe. We are not moving into a new world of anything, I would counter.

And our “myths”? They were never myths. Just lies. Myths are our profound truths, our literature, our insights into the human condition.The Odyssey goes beyond the story of a soldier trying to get home to Ithaca, or Bloom on a day in Dublin. We can’t distinguish truth from propaganda. The propaganda, buttressed by video, and pictures, still works on our feelings. Nurse Cavell and the Lusitania victims were the first of many.

Trading the Lie of Confederate Heroes for The Lie of The Evil White Race is just more of what people do, like spit, jerk off or wipe their asses. They want power at the expense of others. They want to belittle and oppress. We think revenge is justice. Jesus had something to say about that. Look where that got him.

Make a note of that, however you wish to do it, on line or in yarn.