I have been scrolling through my newsfeed on my Smartphone and blocking everything, from Salon to Breitbart.

Why, you ask? Or maybe you don’t. It is all propaganda, public relations, for one point of view or the other. The promulgators care more about their point of view, than they do the facts or the truth. If a fact fits their message, we see it.

I would liken the crisis in media today to, say, hypothetically in the 1930’s, reading Правда (Pravda, English translation “truth”) the Soviet Communist Newspaper, to get a “balanced” viewpoint after reading Völkische Beobachter, (Peoples’ Observer), the newspaper of the NSDAP(German Nazi Party).

It is particularly bothersome in that some algorithm at Google is responsible for the information that I see. And if I ignore these cyber-demons, I am ignorant or bigoted or narrow minded

It’s all a scam. Your political, religious, philosophical values mean nothing to them. It is a question of manipulation. The most important thing you can do is click so you stay “engaged”, so the media monsters can collect your data and sell it. SELL YOUR DATA.

That’s it.