Human trafficking is a $125 billion industry. 100,000 children are trafficked each year. It is the modern version of the international slave trade. Grant you, there is no horrific Middle Passage, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t morally repugnant

The human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein socialized with high profile celebrities and politicians,like Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, even Donald Trump, before Trump severed all ties with him in the early 2000’s.. Epstein supported all the A List.politicians (mostly Democratic) and causes, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton. He was pro-choice. But then Jeffrey Epstein was last year’s outrage.We forget how the same politicians and celebrities who today are decrying exploitation and racism would readily have their pictures taken with Bill Clinton. Clinton looked the other way at Epstein’s criminality, if not actually and directly benefiting from it. One Degree of Seperation, Politician -Clinton-Epstein..

Human Traffickers used to be called ” white slavers”. There was a law called The Mann Act which made it a federal crime to transport a person across a state line for “immoral purposes”..Black Heavyweight Champion Jack Johnson was convicted in 1913 on a dubious charge of violating the Mann Act. He would be pardoned posthumously in the Twenty First Century, by President…..Donald Trump.

Human trafficking is a global industry; but not all of human trafficking involves sexual exploitation. Christian Filipino women are lured to the Muslim Middle East, where they are employed as domestic workers. Their “employers” hold their passports, in order to keep them in country and under their control. Involuntary servitude is the term for that practice.

Even The Catholic Church trafficked young men from Colombia to attend seminary in the USA, where they were groomed as sexual partners for gay members of the clergy.

This is all unseemly, disgusting, shocking and an outrage. And we haven’t even talked about exploitative sweat shops in the developing world and China. These shops do contract work for Nike, Apple, Amazon, and others. You know, the businesses that proclaim Black Lives Matter.

Tom Wolfe wrote two essays in the late sicties, early sevrnties, Radical Chic and Mau-mauing The Flak Catchers, about how affluent leftists latched on to political radicalism to embellish their reputations as “good people.” , similar to what we see todsy.

Some argue that theatre is a moribund art. Actually, it merely morphed into modern politics.

Remember, racism is wrong. Profiting from other modern forms of exploitation is OK, as long as one doesn’t get caught.